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Every Christian is a shithead. Anyone who believes a guy's mother was a virgin and then she got pregnant by a god is already kinda wacko. And then the contradictory things this so-called messiah supposedly said....the "gospels" aren't the "gospel truth" if you read them carefully, you'll see they contradict each other and then when a "gospel" wasn't approved by the early church, they declared it false. So there's a lot of stuff out there about Jesus and Mary Magdalene getting it on. Your imaginary friend in the sky isn't going to save you.

Do good on this Earth right now. Take care of other people. Take care of the planet. Hate all Republicans. Vote against the asshole teaparty and you have a chance.
Joe: Hey, Bernardo, check out the Christian Shithead over there! She's born again.

Bernardo: Must have been a tough birth for her mother.

Well, looky here, what have we got? A Christian Shithead! Another one, dammmmm. Can't get rid of those fuckers.
by Lova My Nay-Bah September 17, 2010
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