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The Christian Code is essentially a set of very basic rules that you should adapt to everyday living. However, depending on who you are, the Christian Code takes a lot of patience.
The Christian Code is merely the golden rule "Do Unto Others As You Would Love To Have Them Do Unto You". However, this rule can break down into many other rules. One of them is to accept people for who they are. Another is to not resort to violence (which is very difficult, hence the 'Code requires patience).

Adapting the Christian Code will, some way or another, lead you to a life of happiness. The Christian Code basically teaches you to be nice. It takes MUCH time, but having a nice attitude & a kind personality will go a long way toward your success in the future.
"It is difficult for me now, after more than a decade, to follow the Christian Code. Next time someone harasses or abuses me, I won't turn the other cheek."
by Dave January 06, 2005
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