One who takes his/her first and inserts it firmly into the asshole of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Jerry Falwell and George W. Bush are Christ Punchers.
by SlayerSatan666 March 11, 2007
Top Definition
A loose definition would be one who physically bludgeons the son of the Christian god with one's fist.

A more specific, colloquial definition is a participant in the activities of Christ Punch International.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Christ Punchers are a raggedy troupe of cycling enthusiasts, bent on bludgeoning the son of the Christian god with their fists, and spreading general mayhem. One may see them gallivanting about Salt Lake or Black Rock cities on bicycles, swinging swords while riding saddled ROUS, or consuming inordinate amounts of Pabst Blue Ribbon, while singing a merry tune or maintaining a menacing silence.

Though most active during the summer and fall, the Christ Punchers are known to convene during various celebrations year round.
"This bar got old long ago, let us punch christ over to Johnny's"

"ChristPunchers, roll out!"

"How did you get to work?" "I punched Christ"
by shporqchop September 04, 2008
One who takes one's fist and firmly inserts it into the asshole of the lord Jesus Christ.

Popularised by youtube blogger 'CapnOAwesome'.
That kid is a total christpuncher, he actually believes all that stuff.
by alexvegas August 10, 2009
It means someone who's just a total jerk, someone that is such a bastard, they would punch Christ.
"God, Jeff in Accounting took the last bagel"
"Yeah, that guys a real Christpuncher"
by D.Flesh February 02, 2005
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