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While having missionary style sex, with the Females arms at her sides like Jesus on the Cross, you proceed till the point where she is about to orgasm. As she climaxes you slam both elbows down into her eye sockets and she will see Jesus.
Sandy told me she wanted to go to Church more, so instead I Gave her a Christ Punch, now she's an atheist.
by HeyzoosKrist August 06, 2011
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A punch so epic, so devastating, so intense, so colossal that it unleashes powers of/or comparable to that of Jesus Christ himself...
Even Ghandi wants to Christ Punch Zach Braff in his cunt face with the ferocity of a thousand exploding stars that have divided by zero OH SHI-
by Joel Mendoza October 10, 2007
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Used to describe an action so uncool, that it is the equivilent of punching christ.
Lindy: joe stole a kid's bike today
Marlise: what a christpunch!
by Lolita January 11, 2005
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