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A catholic school located in the heart of pleasant hill, CA. also referred to as "CTK," the school has both an elementary and middle school. while the school offers at best an average education, the friendships and memories you create within the halls transcend both classroom and time.
christ the king: where the teachers are so oblivious that a class can get away with naming the class quilt "DERKA DERKA"

christ the king: a school where the students have total freedom and control and can pretty much walk out of class anytime.
scott: hey guys, I need to make an announcement as class president. let's go.
dom: since I'm athletic director I should go
keith: as religious affairs I need to go too
jonathan: since I'm publicity and do absolutely nothing, I should go too.
nick: I would go too, but since I lost to a 7th grader in the elections I suck.

christ the king: where students never have to study for tests. ever.
mike: let's go study for the history test.
brenden: yeah fucking right. who studies? let's go play CS.

though I rarely see them, I consider many of the friends I made at christ the king to be among my best friends.
by ctk crusader July 16, 2009
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Christ the King is a Catholic school located in the heart of Morrell Park on Chesterfield and Morrell. You may also know it as CTK. Most children who graduate from this school attend ARHS after.
Jess: What grade school did you go to?
Ally: Christ the King!
by Alex Gheey December 30, 2008

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