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Physical abuse of the opposite sex
1) That girl over there be getting Chris Browned by her man every night.

2) I be Chris Browning my bitch when she get out of line.

3) Yo you see her face I bet she just got Chris Browned by her man.
by Nature Boy 1901 February 15, 2009
1.To be beaten up

2.Beaten up especially in order to be taught a lesson/corrected
Person 1: I'm gonna stick dog crap through people's letterbox on Halloween.

Person 2: You're asking for a CHRIS BROWN'ing
by jr12 February 18, 2009
The act of beating the fucking shit out of a female.
Bitch, You do that one more time and you'll get a Chris browning!
by Fredsworld March 03, 2009
The act of beating the fuck out of your girlfriend/boyfriend (if gay)
Yo bitch get off me before I chris brown yo ass.

i swear to god im about to give you the chris browning of a life time if you dont stop talkin.

If that hoe dont have my money, ima have to chris brown that ass.

Yo your girl cheated on you dog, you better go chris brown that bitch.
by Lalo94112 March 05, 2009
to beat the shit out of something or someone(works best when talking about a women)
dude, last nite i ended up chrisbrowning the shit out of that bitch
by coylers February 14, 2009
A type of cooking in which the chef takes the food into the back and beats it continuously to tenderize it.
Bob: I would like a steak.
Waiter: And how would you like it cooked?
Bob: Just lightly chrisbrown it, i like it chewy.
Waiter: Ah, then chrisbrowning is the way to go, excellent choice.
by -ThatOneGuy- June 04, 2009
To beat, bite or attack your wife or girl.
Dee:Damn, why is he chris browning his girl?

Nemo: I heard he caught her cheating...!

Dee: Word?
by Blakwout March 13, 2009
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