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A large cream-colored mammal of Primate family. Primarly feeds on watermelon. His vocational skills are comparable to a 5 year-old due to a chronic speech impediment hindering his ability to communicate with the average retard. He seems to be oddly obsessed with his biceps, techno, and his jetski of which he can name all the specs of it in under 30 seconds. This rare species also prononces hotdog as Hawtdawg even though he is not from nor has ever lived in New York City. Legend has it that Chris Penny once had an entire Broomstick shoved into his anal region, never being the same man again.
dude, I heard chris penny got ISS?

ha yea, that retard skiped study block to go workout because I told him his biceps were looking small.

hahaha wow, what a dumbfuck!
by A$MONEY killaa August 09, 2009
A large meathead caramel from a predominantly caucasion, bro-infested area.

Usually off the charts retarded and completely inunderstandable.

May bring the revelation to earth at an earlier date than expected.

composition: 95% White; 4% Black; 1% Asian (his weiner)
"Dude, did you see that kid take it up the butt by the broomstick?!"

"Yeah! Reminds me of Chris Penny."
by D$MoneyJMonsta$ July 29, 2009

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