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Singer and Author of ” The Turning Point ” Chris Curtis, is from Athens, Greece. He attended Columbia Academy in Vancouver where he graduated with degrees in broadcasting and the performing arts.

Full name: Chris Constantine Curtis
Date of birth: 1983 /Jan 23
Nick name: Crispy or Butter face
Hometown:Athens ,Greece
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Height: 6.4
Weight: 165 pounds
Hair color: brown
Eye color:brown
Vocal range : 3 Octaves
Parents : Roger and Dora
Brother :Alex
Sister :Clio
Favorite foods :Italian , Japanese , Chinese, seafood , and Thai.
Favorite colors : Yellow , orange , green, and black. Favorite designer brands : Valentino , Ralph Lauren , Versace , and Diesel.
Favorite training shoes : Puma , Nike ,Reebok , and Adidas.
Favorite Hair products : L’oreal , and Lab Series. Favorite animals : Dogs , Dolphins , and birds. The Dogs Chris likes : Bulldogs , Pugs , Airedale terriers, and Rottweilers.
Activities Chris likes : Jogging , swimming , and biking.

Trivia: Chris has a Pug named King.

Awards: 1 award , 5 nominations.
Chris Curtis
by Daviss2222 October 09, 2009
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