A hipster who is also a christian
Look at all of those chripsters going to church.
by BLEeeEPBLOOP August 09, 2011
a portmanteau of the words "Christian" and "hipster", which defines an emerging group of young (typically middle-class white) adults particularly in America but also Europe who identify with the Christian spirituality, but tend to hang out in coffee shops, listen Bon Iver, and read Russian literature.
"Wow, Jude takes a lot Instagram pictures while reading religious text. That man must be a Chripster!"

"All those Chripsters at Harvard Seminary are such coffee snobs! Every time I walk into a class with a Starbucks cup, they all scowl at me incredulously."
by Red Couch August 14, 2011
Christians who think they are hipsters.

See Urban Dictionary definition for "Hipsters"

They wear tie-dye and Toms, are obsessed with their bikes, have rat tails, play guitars but also try to convert everyone to Christianity.
Did you see those Chripsters on campus today? At first I thought they were hipsters but then they tried convert me to Christianity.
by ks8er April 02, 2012

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