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By far the hardest role in theatre. You have these confusing dances, insane upper/lower extremes, freaky costumes, frequent costume changes, and worst of all, you aren't even mentioned in the programs.
I've been a chorus girl for six years, so I know what I'm talking about.
Hmm, in this scene, I have to do seven spins and a kick (on pointe), then here comes my own little aria of four E6's, two F2's and then another E6, all while wearing six-inch heels, a hoopskirt, a three-foot-tall wig and a corset. Oh, now I have a costume change. I now have three minutes to put on a curly wig, undo my corset, slip on an ankle-length dress two sizes too small, try to get out of these size-five heels when I'm really a size eight, and tug on some ballet slippers for the next scene. All while doing that, I hope I haven't smudged my makeup job, or my boss will kill me.
I hate being a chorus girl.
by Persephone~ July 19, 2009
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