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Being Under The Influence of any Downer.
Brian Just Popped 4 Bars and Downed a 6 Pack Hes fuckin Chopped up.
by B.R0DRiGUEZ February 09, 2010
Someone who has had multiple plastic surgeries with a less than desirable result.
After she got her face chopped up something don't look right.
by Asheknuckles July 14, 2016
Getting a haircut
Ey brah you wanna go run a train on this bitch and fuck her in the ass? I just got chopped up an am lookin cleaner than a bathroom at steak and shake
by Pretty dick daniel November 30, 2014
Getting hammered. White boy wasted... pretty much just shit faced drunk
Dude, I just took 8 shots of 151. I'm so chopped up right now
by DIFJSOFJI January 14, 2011
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