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Verb meaning: To have sex.
Bare chopping up is happening 2night boiz.

I'm going to chop up wid dat cantrell yo.
by KLICK-C February 28, 2011
To have a one night stand with a female
Sam: Did you chop up last night?
Elliot: Yeah mate, I chopped up Imogen
by Politick December 05, 2011
"Chop Up" is a phrase that can be used to describe an act if it has been executed with great success, supreme level of skill, etc.

When referring to current events, one may say "chopping up".

When referring to past events, "chopped up" is used.
"I chopped up that race on the weekend!"

"I'm going to Chop Up my maths exam today!"

"I'm totally Chopping Up these noobs on COD!"
by Darren_X September 20, 2010
Heaps of cunts rooting. Another word for orgy. 3 or more people having sex together.
Thoses two cunts had a chop up with some fat bitch.
by Pogs January 22, 2007
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