He is one of the three greatest rappers of all time, and is a legend among legends, and eventually joined the Blood clot Foundation, unfortunatley he got bitten by a niggerbat, and he will become black in less then 24 hours"
J-Train-"Yo Chooltz whats that black stuff on your hand!?"
Chooltz-"OMG I think I jus got bitten by a niggerbat!"
Ghetto Child-"It's all about the benjamens."
by shaloan October 22, 2004
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A memeber of the famous Rap group "The Blood Clot Foundation" Also known as Schultz, but with Microsoft Sams help, it became chooltz.
"Check out chooltz, he's a true nigger."
by J-Train October 07, 2004

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