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A pet name for one a female's close chic friend.
"Hey, choola! What's going on?"
by Nancy March 01, 2005
Popularized in certain parts of Southwest Houston and St. Louis, Being a "Choola" means

1. having or showing a lack of common sense or judgement; being absurd and foolish. Basically a derogatory (though sometimes loving) term for silly

In addition, depending on the context Choola can also be used to mean

2. an infantile mid 20's adult who appears bored and is in a perpetual "chum chum" state.
OMG Robert is the biggest Choola ever (in this case both definitions are applicable). And he is soooo Chum Chum!!!!!
by LordTey January 25, 2011
a beautiful or lovely girl
"Hey choola, how you doin?"
by valejho March 27, 2009