Person From Outer City Towns, Eg. Livingston Nr Edinburgh
La La La Im Caz, Ima Chookter But Find It Hard To Admit
by Ryan April 20, 2004
Top Definition
Someone living in the North of Scotland, or in the middle of nowhere.

Sometimes used in reference to a sheep shagger.
Who's that chookter staring at my sheep?
#chookter #chookters #chook #chooky #chookster
by Churd April 06, 2006
Chookter is a misspelling of the Scottish word Teuchter. Teuchter is a Lowland Scots word used mainly for Northern or Highland Scots.
Ahm no a chookter (teuchtar) ya eedjit ahm frae Ayr!
#northern #highlander #teuchter #choochter #sassenach
by iiisecondcreep March 08, 2007
one from ABerdeenshire Who shaggs the sheep
That chookter has jst had some sheep
#sheep shagger #chook #pete #sheep lover #northerner
by big boab's big boab June 13, 2006
Someone Fae Edinburgh
Ryans a Pure Chookter!
by Caz April 20, 2004
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