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To choke poke is to be fukkin your bird in a place where you shouldn't be and she making so much noise that you have to start chokin her to get that bitch to shut the fuck up.
Cmon girl, if you dont keep it down, Im gonna have to ChokePoke ya.
by BJOB O'Brien February 03, 2008
the act of having a female with a stoma give u head, once u are about to jizz u stick ur dick in her stoma and ejaculate. the combination of having both a penis and sperm in her stoma should cause her to choke.
NICKY C:yo dude i was so shit faced last night, i cant believe i hooked up with that girl.
JEROME: the girl wit the stoma?
NICKY C: ya dude, its aight tho she let me give her the ole choke poke!
JEROME: ahhhhhh shit NICKY C thats why ur my boiiiiiiii!

(they side bump)
by P-bone pt3 October 31, 2009

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