A chodet (pronounced with a silent 't') is an insult used by an individual with class, education and status, and implies that the one being subjected to the insult has, or is a penis that is wider that it is large.
It is frequently used when the user thinks the one being subjected to the insult as socially inferior, although is sometimes directed at those of equal or higher status to demean them.
Charles: "You, peasant; I put it to you that you are a chodet!"
Conner: "Yeah well fuck you dick-wank-monkey-jizz-twat!"

Alistair: "You are a chodet, your majesty"
Elizabeth II: "Lol I am, aren't I?!"
by Dr. Josef Mengele February 14, 2012
Top Definition
Chode is defined as: a guy who is lame. Chodet is the same definition but describing a female.
Jennifer is such a chodet!!
by Josh Tindel August 21, 2006
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