Someone who is fat and short. Usually people who have bastard children.
Tim is such a fucking choder.
by Mr. Merica' December 20, 2012
Top Definition
A penis that is Wider than it is tall.
Dude, look at that choder! its wider than it is tall!
by BENJ AMRSHALL March 08, 2004
A person who is short, fat and a dick head.
My boss is such a choder, he's probably fatter than he is wide.
by freedogger March 19, 2010
An offensive term used for someone with a shortcoming or disability that overcompensates for their lack of fuctional use for society (i.e. a pigeon-toed little person with a Napoleon complex).
Jon: "Why is Derrick acting like such a prick today?"

Albert: "I dunno. But corporate was here last week and chewed him out pretty good."

Jon: "Still...that's not a good enough reason to be a choder about it."
by crawl-bavk April 23, 2016
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