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The greatest metal band to have ever existed. The lead vocalist of the band being the mighty Chodehand, a superhero who destroyed Hercules, Superman, and Thor all in one fell swoop of his mighty chode just to show his superiority. Chodehand shows no mercy. other band members include: Mr. Balls, Shels, Bassmastah, CaucASIAN, and Mr. P.
I saw Chodehand! live last night and my ears bled in joyus ecstasy
by Jordan Breitigam November 17, 2007
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A superhero whose left hand is a large stone chode-like structure. The girth and force driving the hand gives it the power to destroy all evil.
Chodehand smote the dragon with his mighty left appendage!
by Jordan Breitigam November 17, 2007
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