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The act of rapidly thrusting your hips foward and backward so as to create a succession of loud smacking sounds, caused by the violent contact between ballsack and chode. The term was originated in underground rap circles in Alameda, California near the turn of the 21st century. The chode slam has been identified by California physicians as the primary cause of bruisedchoditis. It has a special significance in that it was the first widespread pop culture term to shine light on the relationship between scrotum and chode, helping to clarify a highly disputed issue about the correct definition of chode.
"Well Phildini, at least one person in the audience was clapping." "No, that was just Mr. Seymore in the back doing the chode slam."
by Erik C. June 16, 2007
1. Wrestling Move; Jumping off of top rope and slamming your chode on their forehead and or face.

2. Insult
Insult: "You flying Chode Slam!"
by Chode Grinder December 17, 2009

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