Top Definition
1. A person who licks chode.

2. An odious, despicable, repugnant, piece of shit person who does not deserve any respect.
3. A crazy motherfucker. aka "Cookoo"
I caught my boyfriend Thomas cheating on me, what a chode licker!

That chode licker thinks we should get back together! WTF?
by YKWIA really?? January 11, 2010
Someone who likes arousing peoples chodes with thier tongue
"Yo i saw that Dave Bessells girlfriend the otherday, She was tellin me that she had started her new job as a chode-licker"
by Scatman_John November 17, 2002
Used as a insult.
"Man, that girl Mia is a chodelicker."
"Mia hates Devil may cry? Fuck that, the chodelicker."
by ScrewYouLol January 02, 2009
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