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Ladies and Gentleman, it is my great pleasure to introduce you all to Chode of Chode Hall, the biggest chode of all - figurativly speaking of course, it is, after all, a chode! Good old Chode goes under many other psuedonyms and symonyms - why not try searching for 'chodo baggins' on youtube?
Dude, Chodo had a boner in the boy's changing rooms!
-Eww... that's wack man!
Chyeah, whatta fucking chode!
--Hey I like Chode of Chode Hall.
Fuck you kid!
-Yeah why don't you go die or something!

Sup Brad, did you checka that awesome video of chodo baggins on youtube?
-Shit yeah! That kid's gotta get out more!
Yeah, just as long as he doesn't get his chode out no more, 'tscool!

Hey quizy chodo, you suck!
-Ngarrr... stop bullying me you idiot brain! Ngarrrrrrrr...
by Collins dictionary! November 05, 2006
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