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Completed by squeezing a shot of Syrup of your choice into your mouth (ie. Eggo, Log Cabin, Hungry Man, Aunt Jemima etc.) followed by a pull of Rum, then followed by yet another squeeze of syrup. The syrup coats the throat as to make the shot go down easier allowing you to consume mass amounts of alcohol.
"This party is getting lame, time to bust out the Chode Buster bithces"
by BOX8 June 11, 2008
Collective noun for a group of people who kill/destroy chodes.
"Who ya gonna call? Chodebusters!"
"Get the Chodebusters over here, Justin Timberlake has entered the building!"
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 13, 2003
One who busts/likes chodes. A person may be referred to casually as a chodebuster if they often talk about busting chodes, if they are socially inept, if they are sexually inept, or if their first name is David, Davo, Davidson, Dave, or Davy (sometimes Darryl)
Matthew: Sup fucktard? Here's the dealio--my girl goes on and on about chodes...

Jonathan: Man, get your ass away from that bitch! I'll bet anything she's a chodebuster!
by Mack B May 21, 2008
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