When filling a glass with sperm and tit milk.Then shitting in the same glass and stir it with a male's penis and forcing a woman to suck on it. While the male chugs it down.
Nothing like Chocolate milk in the morning.
by Dick pierce September 26, 2010
The sexual act of a man cumming into a woman's mouth after she gives head and immediately after the woman squirts chocolate syrup into her mouth, swishes it around, and then swallows.
Willy Wonka's gay lover used to adore drinking Willy's chocolate milk. But then his test results came back...
by Hansonpaulsey October 11, 2009
When one girl lactates into another girl's ass who then shits out the mixture of breast milk and shit into the other girl's mouth. Next, the guy stirs the mixture (still in the girls mouth) with his dick, he then proceeds to force the 2 women to suck his dick which is covered in said "chocolate milk." after all that is done, they have a nice refreshing glass of leftover "chocolate milk" to share as they reminisce about the sin they have just performed on eachother.
*sniff* ummm... why the fuck does your breathe smell like wolverine assholes?

I was making myself a glass of chocolate milk.
by SimminsVanillacock June 12, 2010
A "mixed drink" in certain gay fetish circles consisting of diarrhea and semen.
"DrDink was yet another depraved individual who had cleverly invented what is now know as Chocolate Milk in gay circles: after sucking off a huge throbbing gay dick, one would retain the semen in his mouth long enough to mix it with several squirts of diarrhea happily supplied by a fellow scat-loving donor."
by Arrant Lax Fool December 03, 2009
1: the sexual practise of administering a milk enema, which is then sprayed directly from the recipients anus into the mouth of a sexual partner, either to be consumed or spat out.

2: milk that is flavoured with some kind of chocolate, to provide a chocolatey taste.

It is to be observed that confusion between which sense of the phrase is being used can lead to major social difficulties, and that the likelyhood of which sense is meant should be deduced based on the circumstances and user(s) at the time of utterance.
'Hey baby, i know it's a bit unusual, but i fancy some chocolate milk right about now. What do you say?'.

-first meaning

'I'm just gonna pop down to the kitchen to get some chocolate milk'.

-second meaning

'Hey mum, this is my new girlfriend, Ashley. Could you get us some chocolate milk?'.
~mother returns from kitchen~
'Hm, this tastes a bit weird, but thanks for heating it up'.

-the disgusting result of confusion between meanings
by janderballs July 23, 2009
After having anal sex you then proceed to have sex with the girls titties.
I went over to sammy's house and gave her some chocolate Milk!
by reallybillybob February 15, 2009
when u ejaculate into the ass of a woman and you squeeze her cheeks so the shitty cum comes out and you or her or a innocent bystander drinks the shitty cum.
tommy:im cumming!!
sandra:oh yea
tommy:im gonna get me a big glass of chocolate milk.

Lets go make some chocolate milk with your grandma!

by CutBleedDie May 12, 2006

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