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(Only applicable to females and homosexuals.) Noun. The act of attending a party, and taking laxatives and drinking large quantities of water 1-5 minutes prior, and then show up pretending to be intoxicated. One then proceeds to flirt profusely with a male who has deeply wronged you, or whom you simply despise, and begins to lure him to a secluded area, where one proceeds to encourage strictly anal sex. Once he is in, you proceed to let loose your bowel movement that has been building up the past 15-30 minutes. As a result, the object of your hatred is sprayed and ideally becomes covered with runny fecal matter, and quite possibly develops a severe bladder infection.
"Aw, dude, i got a bladder infection after Mary Anne pulled a Chocolate Revenge on me for nailing and bailing on her sister."

" You should have seen the look on Todd's face after I took my Chocolate Revenge on him last night."
by Kenny Glass January 22, 2009

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