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Chocolate Police (noun) Governing force to regulate and prevent the consumption of chocolate. Resides within the super-ego of the human subconscious. Singles out women and attacks them viciously, using guilt as a weapon. More likely to punish after the crime than to deter beforehand.
At the supermarket in the confectionery aisle:
Unknown shopper: - Shuffle -
Nancy (turning, sharply; dropping jumbo bar of Cadbury’s): “Ohh!!!”
Unknown shopper: “Errr… are you alright?”
Nancy: “Sorry. I thought you were the Chocolate Police.”

Later, in the car:
Mikey: “You’ll be sorry later on.”
Nancy: “Shut up.” - Chomp - “Just let me enjoy it.” - Slurp -
Mikey: “The Chocolate Police will get you.”
Nancy: “I know.” - Munch - “I’ll deal with them later. Mmmm!”
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