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A chocolate creamer is a sexual act involving a man and a woman or two men. While the one man is inserting his penis into the rectum of either the other man or the woman, the one who is accepting the cock deficates on it. The penis is held into the rectum like a plug, and then the man ejaculates. If he is lucky, the semen will go into the fecal matter, similar to the way in which a jelly donut holds its jelly. The one who now has this mixture of fecal matter and semen releases it upon the man's chest in the fassion of a cleveland steamer. Some may eat this, while others may enjoy it on their chest.
Wow, they guy rudy busted so hard in my ass that it went straight into my shit! I plopped it on his chest and he bit it and all of his cum oozed out!
by Jb Stim July 21, 2004
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