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v. The sexual act of defecating on a womens chest and then titty fucking her.
That girl had a hard time cleaning the feces off her breasts after Ultimate Rookie gave her the chocolate bobsled.
by crazyFuhker March 10, 2005
11 3
Similar to titty-fucking a bitch, after shitting on her chest. The only difference is....instead of shitting and then titty-fucking a bitch, you, after ass fucking a girl, if and only if she gives the shitty d. You then rub your shit encrusted member, in digust, up and down her ass cheeks.
Aww, man after I ass fucked Janet, she gave me a shitty dick. So I gave her the chocolate bobsled. All over her ass.
by natetron May 02, 2007
3 2