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The best character from the anime/manga Saiyuki.

A rather perplexing young man. Hakkai is usually quite plesant and polite and is known for his smile, but he can be so off-putting it's hard to tell when he is serious. . . There is a chance he is the straight man, but that is open to debate. His occasionally sharp gaze strongly in contrast with his warm expressions is symbolic of his dark, closed past.
A jeep belongs to him he often drives when the group is riding. He uses chi (or life spirit) manipulation as his weapon in battle. He, like Gojyo, is 22 years old, but stands at a slightly shorter 181cm tall (approx. 5'11"). His eyes are deep green and his right is nearly blind. The cuffs he wears on his left ear are Youkai poer limiters, but they can also be appreciated as an ancient Chinese fashion statment.
by Meric September 16, 2004
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n. L33t jeep driving, ki shooting bishounen in the anime series Gensomaden SaiYuki. Originally a pig in the Chinese legend of "Xi You Ji". Hakkai is known for his tendency to smile every five seconds, and for the fact that he turned into a youkai by "bathing in the blood of a thousand youkai."
She reminded me of Hakkai by the way she smiled.
by Naki-Chan August 22, 2004
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