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Is simply someone who has a chin that has grown into their neck. Or Neck grown into their chin. A double chin that has transformed itself to grow down into ones neck will pass as well.
These people who have a chneck have no profile of a defined chin. It is really just face and chneck.
A great example of a Chneck is Matthew Perry "chandler" of friends,he has a decent chneck. But there are so many people that you probably know yourself with a fabulous chneck of their own!
by Critter1223 May 15, 2007
The combination of a chin and a neck with absolutely no definition between the two. Not to be confused with a double chin. Similar to a turkey gobbler.
Hey Hannah, look at that "girl" playing beer pong, I can't see her chin or neck..is this normal?!!?

Nahhhhh, Becky datz a mofuckin' chneck!
by doadiddydiddydumdiddydo July 14, 2009
One whose chin forms straight with their neck
Ashley Romanowski has a chneck
by Snack19 September 30, 2009