Chiva is a little dutch girl. Lover of vodka, hater of american football. Messing with her vodka will put you in hospital. She also has great boobs.
Chiva's vodka is off limits.
by AgentNooner January 14, 2012
Chiva is a dominican rum called Chiva regal.
dame un chin de chiva pa pasar la bien
by killatsam October 25, 2010
Da Gayest soccer team in da history of da world
Pablo: "I like Chivas"
Pancho: "What are u a Faggot?"
by SiccmadeNigga June 11, 2010
1.The gayest team of football in the whole world.
2.A person who is extremely gay.
1.The chivas are so gay.

2.Hey dude, don't be a chiva!
by chivas-gay May 09, 2006
Mexican Slang for Weed.

"Hey amigo you got that Chiva Chiva?"
by Tokie G McTokerson November 22, 2005
The slang meaning for "Chiva" is HEROIN!!! If u think it means weed, then ur a fuckin idiot, & ur talkin out of ur ass!!! "Cheeba" NOT "Chiva" is a fairly uncommon slang word for weed.
I've spent the last decade of my life in the dope game, & I'm not proud of it... But it DOES qualify me to give the correct definition of the slang word "Chiva". Shit, nigga... I jus got done smokin some chiva on a piece of tin foil.
by Morgan Freeman IS God September 23, 2014

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