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1. Nickname for someone who is tough, smart, or possesses extreme sexual prowess. A Chisel Chest can sometimes be a little overbearing.
2. A defining characteristic of a real Tough Guy. It comes from years of doing real tough things like watching football, using tobacco, drinking pops, canoeing while intoxicated, etc. Looks phenomenal cloaked in a plain sweatshirt or rugged plaid shirt.
J: Hey there Chisel Chest, that's a good lookin' flannel!
S: Thanks tough guy, I like that sweatshirt. Let's go eat some uncooked beef and split wood!

C: My boyfriend has such a chisel chest! It must be from hoisting all that concrete mix!
B: I noticed that. I wouldn't mind if he hoisted me sometime!
by TCC4L6969 November 15, 2011
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