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a chipotle hangover happens when you eat a chipotle burrito (mainly one that is huge and spicy) and then suffer from stomach pains and feelings of regret as you lie on your bed feeling sick. Even though, if you had the chance, you would have another.
rob: hey, wheres Dylon at?
alex: oh he's at home with a chipotle hangover from those burritos we had for lunch.
#chipotle #mexican food #hangover #food #full
by pokAtok August 30, 2010
The, typically horrific, bowel movement that ensues the morning after eating Chipotle.
Mike: Sorry I'm late guys, I just was dealing with my Chipotle Hangover.

Michael and Jeff: Your what..?

Mike: Ugh... The bowel movement because of my burrito last night.
#burrito #mexican #food #chipotle #hungry #bowel movement
by techprodohc February 02, 2014
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