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After consuming Chipotle, the burrito pushes everything in the person's stomach out in the form of excrement. This effect usually takes place within 20-60 minutes after consumption. Friend's may compete to have the shortest "Chipotle Effect"
Dude the Chipotle Effect just hit me.

I'm scarred of what i am going to do during the Chipotle Effect.

Do not enter the bathroom, Chipotle Effect.
by huckthehandyman October 30, 2011
The effect where consuming a meal at Chipotle will severely delay the effects of alcohol drank afterward, until it all hits you at once.
Dude I kept taking shot after shot last night cuz I wasn't getting drunk and it hit me like a ton of bricks an hour later. I think it was the Chipotle effect after that burrito bowl.
by pizzascubbler May 17, 2016
After consumption of a Chiptole burrito one feels a gut busting effect which lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and disables ones ability to perform simple motor skills.


When you eat a Chipotle burrito way too fast and feel sick afterwards. You feel like you're about to throw up but its so worth it cause that burrito and/or bowl was so delicious.
Wanna go to the gym?

Naw dude I can't move right now...the Chipotle effect has me paralyzed..
by MeetTheMuse January 13, 2009
The "Chipotle effect" occurs after eating a delicious Chipotle burrito/bowl/etc when you feel overly full for about 30-60 minutes, only to be completely starving immediately after that time--as if you hadn't eaten all day.
Aww, I just finished a deliciously huge Chipotle burrito!
I am so full now :D
*45 minutes later*
Ugh, stupid Chipotle effect, I am completely starving now!
by Pseudomememe July 26, 2011
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