Small pork sausage, thin and red. It combines spices, pork meat and it owes its colour to the powdered sweet peeper added to the filling. It is spanish by origin, but it is largely eaten as a pub snack in other countries. Very tasty, but very fatty also.
Chipolatas go down great after a few pints of lager.
by Hector Hernandez July 03, 2006
Top Definition
Chipolata is the word used to name small sausages.

Therefore it can be used to describe a guy with a small, little, tiny, short dick, or you could call him a small, little, tiny, short dick. Or it can just be used in any sentence instead of 'small, little, tiny dick!' HAHA
'He's such a chipolata'
'He had the smallest chipolata i've ever seen!'
'Shut-up chipolata!'
by Reneeee August 07, 2007
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