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A TV announcer for the Atlanta Braves. Used to be the play-by-play announcer for the Chicago Cubs, and sucked at it. He used the words a "whale" of a play and so forth. His jokes were unfunny. (See example). Him and analyst Steve Stone are now replaced by the even more unfunny, Dusty Baker ass-kissers Len Kasper, and Bob Brenly. Chip also seemed to love Craig Biggio, A LOT.
When the Cubs were playing the Anaheim Angels, there were a lot of bees by the camera well at Anaheim Stadium, so Chip said "They must of ate lunch at 'Arbees'.}" It was extremely unfunny and the only funny part was that Steve stone was speechless for like 2 minutes afterwards. That's how bad the joke was.

Chip: And what a whale of a play by the definite future hall of famer, Craig Biggio! I love you Beege!
by rapsux May 07, 2005
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