A creature so ferocious it destroys its own home and wrecks havok on its environment in fits of insanity. At 3" in height this devilish animal often tries to wage psychological warfare on its owners.
Nibbles was going nuts last night like someone gave him a mexican fence post
by bizzle March 07, 2005
Top Definition
The Act of Having A Humongous Chin. At least 1m Long
1. God that lee down the road is a chinzilla
2. Lee knocked his drink over again with his Humongous Chin
what a chinzilla

by Isaacy January 29, 2008
Example #1: Somebody who's chin is so big they look like a cresent moon when they turn their head to the side.

Example #2: A person with a chin so big it's inhuman.
Example #1-

Person #1: Wow the moon looks really big tonight.

Person #2: Dude, that's not the moon it's just a chinzilla. See, it has hair.

Example #2-

Person: God, his chin is so big!

Other Person: I know, that's why we call him Chinzilla
by Ishyness February 02, 2010

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