When a pepsie machine fixer purposly walks by a coke machine that is really damn broken and doesn't even fucking fix it. He just sits there having a case of ching chong and makes a bad fucking decision. It's really fucking simple, don't pull a ching chong, and fix the damn machine. I don't care if it's not urs. Some people would like some damn coke instead of pepsie. So stop bitching and fix it.
"That regular hexagonal figure obviously just pulled a ching chong. He's not even there!"
by Brian Quinn July 11, 2006
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The only word arrogant non-Asians think all Asians say.
White Kid: Hey, what does ching chong mean?

Asian Kid: It means go fuck yourself.
by asdgg February 18, 2008
The only to two phonetics composing the chinese language. Comparable to the 1 and 0 binary language system of a computer.

In binary: 100110
In chinese: ching chong chong ching ching chong

Hello. How are you doing today sir? It's a nice day outside. Wouldn't you agree?
Binary: 10
Chinese: ching chong
by hmmmmmm March 05, 2007
Racial epithet, a set of noises made to approximate Chinese, or other Asian languages. Not an accent. Derogatory. See chink, chinaman, oriental. Used by Rosie O'Donnell on The View to mock Asians.
"You know, you can imagine in China it's like, 'Chingchong, chingchong. Danny DeVito. Chingchong, chingchong-chong. Drunk. The View. Chingchong.'" - Rosie O'Donnell
by Sizwe_X December 15, 2006
Word which is used when a stupid bastard tries to speak an Asian language
"Hi, you're Asian, right? You probably don't know English so, Ching Chong!"
by Moon Old January 10, 2016
A term I use to annoy my Chinese friend.
Me: hey you Ching Chong
Chinese friend: 您種族主義笨
A way to verbally insult someone who has Asian Heritage. Usually finished by saying "Wing Wong".
White/Black Person:"Yo Ching Chong, give me some rice you wing wong."
Asian Person:*insult in asian* or "Fuck You".
by Zolder November 29, 2005
When some gayass chants some random 'chinese noises' like 'ching chang chong' to really piss off a Chinese person. Used by racist ppl, and just as often, little naive ignorant kids who think it's funny (who promptly get a beatdown).
In 2002, Shaq told a reporter (aired nationally), "Tell Yao Ming, ching chong yang wah ahs ho!!"
by thecarcass54 January 11, 2006

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