Good at first, but quickly filling.....
And quickly emptying......
Death to American bowels!

See The "I need to walk slowly" shit
After eating Chinese food, Tom just made it to the bathroom before the full extent of his Lo Mein noodles kicked in.
by Neon Ninja Kills You November 02, 2009
(1) And god said on the four day, let there be breaded deep fried balls of chicken, and there were....and they were good.
(2) I love chinese always puts in a good mood
(3) if it ain't breaded and deep fried, then it ain't chinese food
(4) Getting some chinese poontang
"I could go for some chinese food. I'll have a 4, 45, and a 84 please"

"Where's all the chicken in these addictive greasy balls?"

"Damn that girl looks good, i needs to get me some of that chinese food!"
by Reggie Regg November 22, 2003
One of the few things China got right.
Person A: Going to get chinese food!
Person B: Oh my god! I'm so going
Person A: But I have like never talked to you since we were 4.
Person B: Shut the fuck up! We can talk when we get there.
by lalalayo July 03, 2009
1) Actual chinese food, which is nice.
2) Weed, which is also nice.
Try a combination of the two.
1) I'm hungry, think I'll order some chinese food.
2) "What are you doing tonight?" "Getting some 'chinese food'." "sweet"
by Stephcat, has wise. February 01, 2009
Another name for Marijuana.

This name or "code word" originated in Australia as a code word that a group of teenagers used so they could talk about Marijuana and not be caught.

This code word is very effective, for example the work "Wok"
in this situation could also be a Bong. And a restaurant proprietor could be a dealer.
Hey, wanna get Chinese Food on Saturday?
by luucciiee :) February 14, 2011
Code word for hot, passionate gay sex. Especially when you want to have it over and over again.
Let's go get chinese food.". "Dude so soon? We just had Chinese food an hour ago.
by TheFannyBandit<3 November 20, 2010
A code word for cocaine.
Hey, want some chinese food? I just went and picked some up.
I'm craving some Chinese food. Anybody know where I can get some grade A sustenance?
by Monkey Berry November 02, 2007

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