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The most mischevious of all sexual acts: you shit on your foot and kick the broad in the face.
"I wish I could just give her the ol' Chinese fire dragon."
#sex #fucking #fuck #cincinnati bow tie #dutch oven #blumpkin
by thefiredragon November 18, 2007
when you cum in the girls mouth you smack here in the back of the head for it comes out her nose
dude i gave that bitch a chinese fire dragon and she threw up
#sex #violence #fun #lol #cool
by wefjkweflikwfelwfe August 23, 2011
When 2 people are fucking each other and the guy goes on top of the girl and starts punching her nose until blood starts squirting out.
What'd you do last night, Kyle?

I gave Courtney a Chinese Fire Dragon. It felt so good.
#i #like #turtles #a #lot
by iliketurtles27 February 23, 2011
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