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It's a variant of the Chinese Stoplight, known by some as the Chinese Firedrill. The difference however is the car does not stop. It takes a whole new level of badassery to accomplish such a task and it should not be attempted by anyone but the most experienced daredevils.

One good strategy for a 3 person Chinese Greenlight is shown below.
Driver: CHINESE GREENLIGHT GO! *climbs out window onto hood*
Passenger 1: You take the wheel! Meet you on the otherside! *climbs out window onto roof*
Passenger 2: *gives wheel to passenger 1, climbs out window into nearby window*
Driver: *Climbs into passenger 1's original seat.*

All: YEA!! We all just gained a badass level!
by Omega, Quail, Fox. January 20, 2010
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