A brownskin south american illegal immigrant indian who lives in a nail-scratch-in-the-map called chile. They're also known as "cholo mapuche" and speak some pale imitation of castillian language.
Chinegro: Uta ke me gusta harto el pico. Io soi shileno i vo no soi shileno. Ia po, eso nomá. Kerí ke te shupe el pico?

Non-Chinegro: No gracias, chinegro de mierda chupaverga.
by Jikler October 09, 2007
Top Definition
n. A person of mixed Chinese and African ancestry. Also see Vietnamegro.
With a name like Da'Shawn Chang, he must be Chinegro.
by Cleatus March 09, 2003
a person that is a mix of african and chinese, a filipino
Damn did you see what that chinegro was wearing today? It was hella gangsta!
by Mitchell442 February 13, 2008
A chinese Dude trying to act black
That dude right there is a chinegro!!
by Chinegro dude hehe October 01, 2009
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