The world's most populated country with like over a billion people in an area barely larger than the U.S. and everybody looks alike. Most of them live in the country's eastern half, but most Chinese live in rural areas. Shanghai is the largest city and Beijing is the capital--both are among the world's largest cities. China has numerous cities with over a million people in the central city alone, while the U.S. has just nine. China currently has the world's fastest-growing economy and will have the world's largest by 2020. Capitalism is growing like wildfire all over the country but don't let it fool you--communism is still alive and well. China used to strictly forbid the practice of any faith but now just discourages it. In ways like this, communism has been relaxed somewhat. China is the most populated communist country. The country used to have such severe oppression but Communism has relaxed a bit. It is similar to the U.S. in that the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. Communism keeps its citizens from protesting or speaking against against the government. Violations can result in imprisonment or torture. China is still a major violater of human rights.
Chinese civilization is among the oldest in the world. Ancient nomads built the Great Wall of China thousands of years ago to keep northern armies from invading. The Great Wall can be seen from outter space.
China is blessed with extreme potential with smart people (unlike America), inovation, abundant natural resources, geographical diversity and ocean ports.
by krock1dk December 11, 2007
1. a country that declares himself communistic but actually is economically capitalistic and extremely autocratic in governance.

2. the world largest capital attracting mechine that is good at producing lousy products

3. one of the "two largest axes of evil on earth", another is the bush government
Che will say "jugar! china is really a shame to socialism".
by principeIII May 08, 2006

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