whenever you kick a guy in the mouth. if done correctly and it knocks him out, then it's "sweet chin music"!
DDM "tuned up the band" to play a little chin music on that ol'bitch o'er thurr
by The GR8-1 May 16, 2003
Top Definition
1.n. The sound a baseball pitched at a high speed makes as it flies by the batter's face. Alternately, the sound a bullet makes as it shoots past someone's face.

2.v., to treat to - to shoot at with a gun.
1. It looks like popular baseball player got a little chin music from that vicious new pitcher for the name of opposing baseball team, huh?

2. Myaaaah, Johnny Post-It doesn't wanna pay up, eh? Well, then I say we treat him to a little chin music, see? Myaah.
by anonymous January 02, 2004
Idle talk; empty promises; vague excuses or explanations. Primarily used in the eastern U.S.
"Your endless chin music is getting on my nerves. Pay your rent or get evicted."

"There's too much chin music an' too little fightin' in this war, anyhow." -- Stephen Crane, The Red Badge of Courage
by BlackWolf October 14, 2007
When you slap a girl in the chin with your dick.
She was giving me head then I hit her with a little chin music.
by Poo Plog January 24, 2011
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