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n. A set of fat, thick female vagina lips that closely resemble the closed mouth of a monkey, an ape, or specifically a chimpanzee.
Wow that girl had some fat ass beef curtains... actually they're thicker, more like chimpanzee lips!
by Zac & Brett January 31, 2007
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n. When a woman's vaginal flaps are swollen to the point that they resemble the mouth of a monkey, ape, or specifically a chimpanzee.
Dude 1: Hey man, I heard you got Jessica last night!

Dude 2: Yeah bro, it was pretty nice but she was definately sporting some chimpanzee lips!

Dude 1: Ugh, no way... look at the bright side, atleast she didn't have beef curtains.
by Zac & Brett January 29, 2007

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