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In Guatemala: Promiscuous woman that would give you some, very easily
she is very chimona
by Jamonazo October 12, 2010
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1. the word you say after kicking sum ones ass in sum freindly competition.
2 the word made for winning or doing well in sumkind of challenge
1 after just winning extreme ping pong match. "chimonaaa"
2 what did you come in 50 metre freestyle??
2nd, but still i chimona'd
by whittakerr November 10, 2008
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Word originating from Michael Jackson, found in South Park episode and songs especially "Bad"
Ex: "You know I'm bad, I'm bad CHIMONA CHIMONA."
by k-tiz June 28, 2005
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noun. Someone who thinks they are the gods gift to sports but truely lacks funamentals.

noun. someone in an organization or military that stands around and points even when noone is around.
I was playing basketballl and tried to compare myself to a chimonas with my screaming high and tight.

While supervising Marines i felt the erge to pull a chimonas.
by Chimmee Chonga July 08, 2009
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