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Hispanic slang term for the name "Jimmy".
"Hey Chimmy! Where you goin', man?"
by Brainiac March 02, 2005
19 32
A Chimmy is a fun-loving person, likes all the good things in life, hanging out and laughing with friends. They are a glass-is-half-full type of person!
You are such a Chimmy!!
by beemee May 29, 2011
16 5
An imaginery pet/friend
I have a chimmy that can only been seen by me, it disapears once an eye sets on it.
by Stanley AKA Chimmy May 26, 2006
29 29
a bong
pack another bowl in the chimmy.
by bondy and fagboy July 24, 2010
7 9
1. An asshole who doesn't do their job.
2. Someone who will take you to the cage.
3. One who wears a photo vest.
4. wah
Frank's such a chimmy.
by highlife4life July 18, 2010
14 21
Another slang term for marijuana
Where's the chim?
Let's chimmy down.
by Sabertooth Crotchcricket February 28, 2005
14 38