Hispanic slang term for the name "Jimmy".
"Hey Chimmy! Where you goin', man?"
by Brainiac March 02, 2005
Top Definition
A Chimmy is a fun-loving person, likes all the good things in life, hanging out and laughing with friends. They are a glass-is-half-full type of person!
You are such a Chimmy!!
by beemee May 29, 2011
An imaginery pet/friend
I have a chimmy that can only been seen by me, it disapears once an eye sets on it.
by Stanley AKA Chimmy May 26, 2006
a bong
pack another bowl in the chimmy.
by bondy and fagboy July 24, 2010
1. An asshole who doesn't do their job.
2. Someone who will take you to the cage.
3. One who wears a photo vest.
4. wah
Frank's such a chimmy.
by highlife4life July 18, 2010
Another slang term for marijuana
Where's the chim?
Let's chimmy down.
by Sabertooth Crotchcricket February 28, 2005

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