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a greek monster that contains a lion head, a goat body, and a serpent tail. any questions?
Guy: Ugg i got to do a report on greek mythology
Me: i got this, a Chimaera is a monster in Greek and stuff, its got like a lion head, or sometimes it has two with one as a goats head and the other a lion head.
Guy: k, thats good to know can you stretch that to fit a page?or give me, like, 4 other creatures?
Me: I got a "D" on that quiz dude, your out of luck,
Guy: Damn it
by MooImAFreakinCow August 15, 2012
A two-headed dragon. To some religions it's considered an omen depending on da colour ;)
Look. A Chimaera. XD
by Tavarile September 20, 2003
A 1337 gamer that pwns @ CS, and will destroy any score set at any racing game on PS2 :oP

Also a ancient greek myth, front end of a lion, back end of a goat, serpent tail, head of a lion and a goat and breaths fire.

Transliteration from greek : Khimaira
Latin Spelling : Chimera
English Spelling : Chimaera
'IM4n00b' says :OMG Chimaera must be haxor, likes.
'Chimaera' says :STFU

rcon_kick ban IM4n00b 2000 hrs
by Chimaera January 12, 2004
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