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The one thing that every swagged out nigga does. If you call him and he doesnt answer, or cuts the calls short, that's more than likely what hes doing. Its a daily thing. You better believe that every time you arent home, or your Senorita goes shopping, or out with her friends, she's with one of those super swagged out niggas. And you better believe they're fucking. Yes!
Lame: *Call's Moe, Ant, or Rome

*Phone rings hella times

Moe: Hello?

Lame: Wasup dude, what's poppin'

*Bitches can be heard in the backround moaning and giggling

Moe: Shit, just kickin' it for real. Oh, and chillin with ya girl

*Hangs up phone, looks at Rome and Ant

Lame: Damn he just met her on monday, had her by tuesday and fucked her by friday..
Moe, Ant, and Rome: Yes!
by Moezis May 06, 2011
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