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A seldom seem fetish act where one defecates on the floor of a friend or lover's bathroom, only to feel guilty about it seconds later and pick it up and put it in the toilet. It gets the name Chillicothe because, according to legend, the act was invented at a Chillicothe (Ohio) Paints Minor League Baseball game post-season party. Other scholars maintain that the name Chillicothe was given to the act only because Ohio seems to get the bulk of the naming rights when it comes to disgusting sexual acts, i.e. the Cleveland Steamer, the Canton Steamer, the Cincinnati Bowtie, the Columbus Meat Jacket, the Toledo Ass Rocket, and the Toledo Butt Mud Hen.
I was planning to go Top Shelf at Lindsey and Kadi's party, but I ended up chickening out and only doing a Chillicothe Steamer on their bathroom floor.
by yakov smirnoff July 30, 2006
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